Susie's PSP Doodles

    Welcome to my PSP class assignment web site. I hope to display on the following pages some of the samples of what I have learned in my Exploring New Worlds in PSP class from Virtual University. I have discovered that playing with this program has really become addictive and I can't wait until the next class is presented so that I can learn even more! I don't think I have ever been this excited about learning!

    I am hoping to combine what I learn in both classes to create a litte web site that is all my own. As in cooking, preparing something from scratch as opposed to using a boxed mix, I hope to learn how to create my own website with some text a bit about my family and life and also digital art that I am learning, from scratch instead of using a program that does all the code writing for me.

    Please check out the great classes that are offered online at Virtual University. It is a great place to learn and very inexpensive. The instructors, mentors and other students offer help whenever you need it, no matter how dumb you might consider the question or problem. Click on the logo to see their site.

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    Below are the links to my homework display pages. This work was all done in January/February, 2006.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five