Week Five

Week Five

     These are the final pages for my Explore New World's With PSP class. It has been a great five weeks and I have loved it all, even the frustration when I couldn't get my plugins to work! The success of finally getting them to work more than made up for what frustration I felt! I am going to miss this class, not only my instructor, but also my talented classmates. I can hardly wait for the next term to begin!

     During this week, we learned how to work with plugins or filters. We learned how to make our own gradients to use for backgrounds and as fills in our images and within our text.

Gold Over Pink       Grn Over Gold       Tolerances

     The first image is using the gold gradient with an opacity of about 20, over a pink background. The second shows the green over the gold gradient in various tolerances.  Kind of a neat effect! The third image is a green over the gold gradient, showing a tolerance setting.

Orange Cat

     This was my second attempt at using the warp brush to make a cat. My first one looked like another animal, not a cat!! This was fun, but went blank for any other items to be created.

Rose Example       Rose Weave Example

     I used a pink rose bloom for this example of the weave distortion and also for using the ripper effect.

Leopard Over Red       Pattern Over Grn

     This is an example of the leopard skin pattern over red. The second image is of the tiger skin pattern over green.

Leopard Tool Ribbon       Pattern Tool Ribbon

     These are screen shots of the tool ribbon for the Leopard skin pattern over red and for the tiger pattern over green.

Orig 4 Extravganzas       Shouting

     The first image is the original image. The second image has the Extravaganza Shoutin distortion applied to it.

Orig Goldfish       Warped Goldfish

     These two images are of a little goldfish and then I warped it with a plugin. Kind of looks like a little monster fish. This was fun!

     Here are more examples of my "learning" and a lot of my playing, ummm, I mean practices!

Pink Tulips       Pink Tulips Plugin

     This is the image of pink tulips I started with to try the various distortion plugins. I used the Extravaganza Heightline distortion on the tulips.

Orig 4 Spirograph       Spirograph

     This is the original image I used to apply the Spirograph.

Kaleidescope Grid       Kaleidescope Grid

     These are the grids for the Kaleidescope distortion and the Spirograph distortion.

Kaleidescope       Kaleidescope Distortion

     This is the original image for the Kaleidescope distortion and the result of the Kaleidescope distortion. I really liked this result.

     This section has more examples of my playing - yes, playing. However, it is also practice. It is just that when it is more fun than work, it feels like play!

Corner Flip       Corner Flip Grid

     For this image, I used a Corner Flip distortion. The second image is the grid showing my settings.

Lil Stinker

     Lil Stinker was made on total of 6 layers - background of bubbles pattern, that had VM distortion of wild trail used, then the red gradient was applied with an opacity of 26 over the bubbles.  That layer was then distorted, too, with another of the VM plugins - think it was another kind of motion one, but not sure.  (Too busy playing and having fun)  Then a picture tube that also had a bit of wild trail motion applied to that layer.  Then a text layer with the addition of a dropped shadow for the text!

Psychedel Orig       Psychedel Sig

     This is the original image I used for the psychedelic distortion. I made the sig tag in layers, then merged them together.

Sig Tag

     The first layer for this sig tag was the gold gradient over green at the angle of 167, radial setting, opacity at 25. Next layer was a cut out rose in a square frame, that was distorted with VM Instant Art Round and Round - just played with the settings until I liked what I saw. Next layer was the same picture tube applied, and it was also adapted with VM Instant Art Pearl's Girl, again the settings were adjusted until I liked what I saw. Then I added another layer, and using the paint brush at about 2, I picked up the deep purple color and painted over the outline of the rose bloom to bring it out a bit more. Finally added my name to make it into a sig tag.

     In this section is my extra credit for this class. I have incorporated several things I learned over the weeks.

Final Image

     I started with a raster layer, then added another transparent raster layer. Added a vector layer to do the globe preset shape. Changed the layer back to raster, and used the Toolbox Blast distortion on the globe. Added the backgrounds of a blue duotone gradient with a gold metal gradient 01 over it with an opacity of about 20. Added the text, with the drop down shadows of red. Added the picture tubes of stars (actually called sparkles, but they look like stars in the varied sizes) Added a base picture tube, then added my name in text just above it. I then merged all and added a picture frame. Merged again and added the Toolbox Lift the Corner distortion, adjusting until I liked the effects. I started with a 300 x 300 pixel image, and resized it to 200 x 200, and exported it as a jpg, with a compression value of 40, so that instead of 274,624 bytes, it is now compressed to 13,228 bytes.

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