Week Four

Week Four

     This section uses what I have learned this week in my fourth week of Exploring New Worlds at Virtual University. Basically we learned how to use and work with vectors. The logo for Virtual University is on my homepage, and I invite you to check out their site. They offer a variety of classes beyond PSP.

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     I learned how to make three buttons at once, using vector preset shapes and layers. The buttons shown here are all examples of link buttons, but they are only pictures here, not working buttons.

Green Vector Flower       Red Vector Flower       Vector Flower

     This is an example of creating a flower with the preset shapes and vector layers.

Star Student Wrong       Star Student

     With the first star button, I didn't pay as close attention to the directions, so only my star was "inner beveled", not the text. I couldn't figure out how to go back to "fix". By the time I made this star, I had practiced more and also paid closer attention to the directions. The second star has the star and all text inner beveled!

     This section has examples of my further practicing and playing with the vector layers and the preset shapes.

Party Guy

     This little party guy is made entirely from preset shapes on vector layers.

Sam Fuzzy

     This little fuzzy, I snagged from thePlace, it was created by Sam - Thank you, Sam! I then added several different preset shapes, buttons for the nose and both eyes, an arrow for the mouth and the preset shapes were already colored.

Sig Tag

     This is my sig tag, made for some extra credit. I created a vector layer, then added the ink blot preset shape. I used the leaf pattern for the fill with the scale reduced to about 85. I added a stroke of the double facing arrowheads. I added my name for the sig, creating it off the vector image so it would stay straight, and also used the inner bevel on it to accent it.

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