Week Three

     This week we are learning to adjust photos.  Yay!  This is where I love to play. I have been doing geneology for about 5 years and have over 9500 names in my database - all linked to my husband and I! I have made contact with several distant and very, very distant cousins and have been able to share some photos with them. The older photos often need to be cleaned up or repaired (crease lines) and often need to be optimized. The final section displaying some of the photos I have of my ancestors and relatives.

German Village

The German Village - my results from class project.

Building Straightened       Straightened scene

Our assignment for these pictures was to straighten the perspective.These photos were to be adjusted and brought forward from the original angle.

Red Eye

This is the example of fixing "red eye" in a picture.

Pk Flower Kaleidoscope       Fur Effect       Neon Glow

     I tried a bright pink flower to use the Kaleidescope effect, the fur effect and the neon glow effect. Not sure how or when I will ever use these effects, but it was fun to play around with the settings and the different effects.

Grid Kaleidoscope

This shows my settings for the Kaleidescope. I played with the settings until I got what I thought looked best for what I wanted to see.

     These pictures were taken in June 2005 at or around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was our first vacation in over 15 years and we sure enjoyed it. We rode the ferry across Cape May and then back again, to Lewes, Delaware - what a huge ferry. The ferry is named the Cape May Ferry. It was so much fun to actually be crossing shipping lines and seeing dolphins, especially with coming from the Midwest of the United States.

Cape May Orig       Cape May

     This is the original shot from the back of the ferry, taken of the land that juts out to make a smaller bay area for the ferry to dock in.

On Ferry       On Ferry Cropped

This is the original shot taken on the ferry. That is my youngest son Dan up there. We couldn't have managed the trip without his help. Tried to just crop the picture, but it needed a bit more work.

On Ferry Final

This is my final picture of Dan standing two decks above us on the Cape May Ferry.

Lewes Orig       Lewes Delaware

     The picture was taken on what is called the River Road. This small river comes off Cape May and the Atlantic Ocean. There are some lovely homes along this road. To just see the one house makes more of a statement. This was cropped, adjusted and resized for display.

First Ferry Painting       Adjusted Ferry 1

      The following pictures were taken on the Cape May Ferry on the second deck. These were the walls of the room. This scene is to your right as you face the front of the room. The second image is the cropped and final version.

Third Ferry Painting      

     This view would be facing the front of the room. The second image is the adjusted version.

Second Ferry Painting       Adjusted Second Painting

     This view is on the left. The second image is the edited version. I am not sure if the Life Preserver you can see in the very left of the photo was part of the painting or one of the artifacts. I wanted the little houses on the beach to show up, so left it in to be on the safe side.

     This section will show some of what I have learned to fix or adjust some older photos, either from the original photo, or from a copy. Often the abilitiy to adjust or "fix" it, depends on the quality of the photo or the copy!

My GGG-grandmother       GGG-grandmother White

     This is a copy of a copy, so the quality is not good to begin with.  This is one of my great, great grandmothers, so this picture was originally taken in the late 1880s. Some "fixes" were applied, but not much could be done. Some of the extra spots were removed and one jaw was "sharpened".

Susie Brian Orig       Susie Brian Final

     This is a picture of my little brother and I taken in 1956. My dad was known for cutting heads off in pictures, so I guess he thought if he stood far enough back, he would have a good picture - which he did, to a point. The second image looks much better, for now the focus is on the children and not the background of the houses!

Cousin Orig       Cousin Final

     Age had really messed this picture up.  This picture is of one of my cousins, taken in the late 1950s. Resized, all kinds of "noise" removed, clone brush used extensively...over an hour of work.  A lot of the work was try this, try that - some worked, some didn't. I used a lot of "undos".

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