Week Two

    On this page and a couple of other pages will be posted the samples from my second week's class with Exploring New Worlds with PSP.

My Initials

My initials using various settings with a group of roses picture tube.

Selection Settings       Green Leaf Frame Text

The veggies show a sample of different setting selections. The green leaf image used layering, framing, backgrounds and adding text.

Sigtag 1       Sigtag Layer Grid

This is my first sig tag - what fun - gotta make more.... The grid shows my layer work.

Orange Flower test       Orange Flower Grid

This orange flower was created using the first lesson of layering and altering the layers. The grid shows my layer work.

Here are a few more samples of practicing (and playing) with the layering and picture tubes.

Alternate Tag       Alternate Tag Grid
Fairies Roses Stars       Fairies Grid

My youngest son has a passion for tigers - even has a tatoo.  He calls them "kitty" as if they were a kitten and he were a small boy!  Had to play with the tiger picture tube!

Kitty       Kitty Grid

A couple more tiger pictures with some variations.

Kitty Kitty       Kitty Kitty Grid       Dan's Kitty
New World Button       Button Grid

My Exploring button - this was fun to create.


A small tag using a globe.

Dragon's Rule

Dragons are favorite items of all three of my sons, so of course had to try one with a dragon!

Lacey Roses

Laces, roses..."girlly" things, but still neat looking together.

Lavender Rose

Trying for a little elegant drama - and often simple is best!

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