St. Pat Swap 2007

helen clover kitty       helen grn kitty hat       1st from helen

ellie clover kitty       ellie grn kitty hat       3rd from helen

2nd from helen       helen bear balloon       helen beer cat

helen copies       helen leprechaun animals       ellie bear balloon

ellie beer cat       ellie copies       ellie leprechaun animals
1st from Ellie       wish from ellie

ellie toon leprechaun       helen toon leprechaun       ellie glittery celtic

helen glittery celtic       ellie glittery spiral       helen glittery spiral

ellie scroll       helen scroll       helen irish stew

ellie irish stew       luck from ellie       ellie spark sinedot sham

helen spark sinedot shamrock       ellie glass sinedot shamrock       helen glass sinedot shamrock

bloom from helen       ellie green bag       helen green bag

helen zoom blur shamrock       ellie zoom blur shamrock      







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