Fall Swap 2008

from connie       jenny_cat_fence       jenny leaves scarecrow

jenny pumpkin cart       jenny punkin house       jenny fall tree

jenny foliage       jenny punkin patch       junie pumpkin cart

junie_cat_fence       junie leaves scarecrow       junie punkin patch

junie punkin house       junie fall tree       junie foliage

falling leaves from Junie       dahlia       leaves from junie

jenny leaves       junie leaves       jenny punkin glow

junie punkin glow       swing cat from junie       wreath from junie

autumn view from junie       black bird and spider       boo spider with candy corn

candy corn house       trick or treat bag       jenny punkins moon

junie punkins moon       jenny scarecrow cornfield       junie scarecrow cornfield

jenny smiling punkin       junie smiling punkin       dahlia 2 from jenny

leaf from jenny       jenny squirrel punkin       junie squirrel punkin

jenny punkin house       junie punkin house       jenny punkins 4 sale

junie punkins 4 sale            


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