Animated Images


red blooming rose       candle frame

Fairy Dragon       green eyes candle       my own candle

smiley bugs       wave background       underwater sig

alien munchies       angel from sharon       animated rain

ani sinedots 1       ani sinedots 2       aquarium name

buttrflies sinedot       bttrfly on red rose       Butterfly Rose

candle light       Dissolve Tag       Dolphin

dog on moon       footprints sand       glitter rose sharon

pheasant blinkie       greatest hits       Green new blinkie

jodee red white blue twisty       jodee spring twisty       kitty in balloon

lilac glitter       lipstick sig       magic

new kind blinkie       opening umbrella       pick and place

mechanical flowers       moving butterfly       moving sinedots

blasted triangles       my mech flowers      

Pick sig       purple blinkie       quick glitter

rain creddies       rain girl bear       RD abstract brush

rose twist       rotating charms       rotating charm stone

rotat charm name       sinedot butterfly

sinedot sky       smiley bugs       sparkling pinwheel 2

sparkling pinwheel       spring train express      

voice staff blinkie       swim fish name       swim pool

swinging       swing 2       diver sig

twisty from jodee             heart hanging

victorian boat             victorian swing

wagging tail             wave bkg

wink tag            

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