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      This is the index page for all the many tags I have created, been given or have "snagged" from various members at thePlace, a graphics site where I am a member. The tags I have made are from lessons I learned at Virtual University, various tutorials I have found online, various tutorials I have done that were posted on thePlace, from various tutorials written by other members of that graphics site and also from my own imagination. Some of my own creations were inspired by various things I have seen or learned through the tutorials and lessons.

    This will be a work in progress, as it seems like I am always making a new tag or image. I recently have become skilled at working with vectors and have used them to make several of my own tubes that I can use in images.

      The following is a link to Virtual University. Please take time to check out the information and classes offered at Virtual University (VU), as it is a great place for learning and terrific instructors. They offer a variety of classes and they are very reasonably priced. Just click on the logo.

Explore Virtual University

      The following are awards I have won for Artist of the Month contests from thePlace, where I am also very proud to be a member - the other members are my virtual family.

Artist of Month Apr 06       Artist of Month Apr 07       Artist of Month Apr 08       Artist of Month Apr 09       Artist of Month Apr 2010

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      All the content on the following pages is protected by International Copyright laws. If photos or graphics were created by anyone other than susie, it will be noted and the copyright will remain with the creator. Please respect these copyrights.

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     Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie