June 2009

pinwheel_nostick       pinwheel 2 nostick       pinwheel

flower       lattice shimmer       lattice shimmer 2

rocky and family       4 andreia frog penguin       downspout rain

sprinkler       watering name       qk tut 1

qk tut 2       qk tut 3       qk tut 4
qk tut 5       mole dirt       qk tut 6

qk tut 7       cat pillows       name painting

name spring       name summer       warp frame 1

warp frame 2       surprised mousie       warp frame 3 using kathie mask

flaminco flamingo       garden flamingos       mama flamingo

surprised mouse 2       swimming hippo       castle rock view

eye       fairy       kathie mask

pinwheel 2       pinwheel 3       pinwheel 4

surprised mouse 3       turtle drummer       turtle guitar

turtle band       banjo turtle       cow guitar

pencil writing       birdbath       shimmering edges 1

shimmering edges 2       fae kit       mole in dirt

post-it       mums nosegay       violet nosegay

bday 4 Timmy       dancing musician cow       dino eating

dino and pal       jun 09 pio       rings asher

rings panda and fishy             singing rooste

singing rooster 2       jun 09 pio 2      

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