September 2008

asher book       sinedot butterfly 1       sinedot butterfly 2

sinedot butterfly 3       bday from Pinky       bday from Kathie

cat and scarebear thumb       turkey thumb       bling 1

bling 2       bling 3       flower funk

bling 4       bling 5       fantasy flower

fantasy flower ani       rainy walk       starrry sky

rose text       rose text 2       summer text

window poudre river       window rocky mt       rocky mt

thompson river       flower funk with bling       blu sinedot cat

brn sndt cat       gold sndt cat       pk sndt cat

red sndt cat       penguin 4 andreia for good report card       autumn leaves 1

autumn leaves 2       autumn leaves 3       autumn leaves 4

autumn leaves 5       fall leaf       sig ani fall name

leaves       leaves 2       lelio thumbnail

litl scarecrow       scarecrow punkin cart       dancers

lori's pk bowl       punkin house with mouse       punkin and squirrels

squirrels       neon name       neon name 2

painted       pretty pink       tulip 1

tulip 2            

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