Valentines 2007

snag Sharon first       snag Sharon second

my glass heart       glass heart blank       valentine 1

valentine blank 1       my valentine 3       valentine 3

RD valentine & rose       choc hart       jak_valentine

rollie boxed kisses       cookie 1       cookie 2

cookies       hearts_rollie       hrt sphere

valentine and candle       val flag from dixie       rotating hearts tag

pk heart       rollie's elephant       puffy heart

good job from eagle       kathie's dove heart       val twistiy by jodee

from jo dee spirals       heart name tag blue       heart name tag blue spiral

heart name tag grn spiral       from ellie       blinkie from jodee

valent fan webliz       bunny cheer from Sharon       jel hearts from sharon

val from bighook       elf's scrap bunny       val from elf

another from Sharon       jello heart gwen       rollie gold blinkie

kathie's heartwreath            




Love Is In the Air Swap

My Tags

val teddy butter       val teddy jenny       val teddy me

val candle butter       val candle jenny       val candle mine

my hearts butter       my hearts jenny       my hearts mine

mousie val butter       mousie val jenny       mousie val mine

hearts basket butter       hearts basket jenny       hearts basket mine

heart sphere butter       heart sphere jenny       heart sphere mine

heart flowers butter       heart flowers jenny       heart flowers mine

hanging heart butter       hanging heart jenny       hanging heart mine

flowers pinks butter       flowers pinks jenny       flowers pinks mine

cookies butter       cookies jenny       cookies mine
cookies blank

pk valentine butter       pk valentine jenny       pk valentine blank

pk valentine mine       mousie val blank       heart flowers blank

daisy valentine butter       daisy valentine jenny       daisy valentine blank

daisy valentine mine       valentine candle blank       hanging trio hearts butter

hanging trio hearts jenny       hanging trio hearts blank       hanging trio hearts mine

heart plant jenny       heart plant butter        heart plant blank

heart plant mine       reflecting heart blank       reflecting heart butter

reflecting heart jenny       reflecting heart mine       white roses pk heart butter

white roses pk heart jenny       white roses pk heart mine       white roses blank       valentine snoman butter

valentine snoman jenny       valentine snoman blank       valentine snoman mine

rosebud butter       rosebud jenny       rosebud blank

rosebud mine       hearts flwrs wine kcy butter       hearts flwrs wine kcy jenny

hearts flwrs wine kcy mine       glassed heart butter       glassed heart jenny

glassed heart blank       glassed heart mine       puppy luv butter

puppy luv jenny       puppy luv blank       puppy luv mine

glass val butter       glass val jenny       glass val mine

glass val blank       val bear butter       val bear jenny

val bear blank       val bear mine       val kitty butter

val kitty jenny       val kitty blank       val kitty mine

gold glass butter       gold glass jenny       gold glass blank

gold glass mine       val tiger butter       val tiger jenny

val tiger blank       val tiger mine       toy pup blank       toy pup mine

sparkly butter       sparkly jenny       sparkly blank

sparkly mine       rosebud candy butter       rosebud candy jenny

rosebud candy blank       rosebud candy mine       dancing valentine mine

dancing valentine blank            




Tags for Me

1st from butter       2nd from butter       cow from jenny

heart from jenny       lovebirds from jenny       3 from butter

4 from butter       heart box from butter       burning heart from butter

farmers from jenny            

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