Christmas Swap 2007

junie 1 dancing moose       my dancing moose       junie kitten mitten

kitten mitten       junie penguin skis       penguin skis

junie silverbells       silver bells       junie snobaby 2 penguins

jenny 1 dancing moose       jenny kitten mitten       jenny penguin skis

jenny silverbells       jenny snobaby 2 penguins

snobaby 2 penguins       first from junie       fireplace from jenny

jenny snow ornament       junie snow ornament       my snow ornament

xmas bear from jenny       jenny kitten with ornament

junie kitten with ornament       my kitten with ornament       jenny skating snobaby

junie skating snobaby       my skating snobaby       jenny snowman

junie snowman       snowman       jenny tree with toys

junie tree with toys       tree with toys       jenny fireplace

junie fireplace       my fireplace       jenny gingerbread girl

junie gingerbread girl       gingerbread girl       jenny toy moose

junie toy moose       toy moose       snow scene from jenny

jenny string mittens       junie string mittens       string mittens

jenny build snoman       junie build snoman       build snoman

jenny fashion pengs       junie fashion pengs       fashion pengs

jenny penguin sled       junie penguin sled       penguin sled

second from junie

jenny mailbox       junie mailbox       mailbox

jenny toy soldier       junie toy soldier       toy soldier

jenny bouncing santa       junie bouncing santa       bouncing santa

third from junie       santa from jenny       snowcone snoman from jenny

jenny lamp       junie lamp       lamp

jenny snowy window       junie snowy window       snowy window

jenny hanger       junie hanger       hanger

jenny chrismouse       junie chrismouse       chrismouse




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