Byron, Illinois

     In going from Oregon to Byron, you can go two different ways. You can take Route 2 north, which runs along the west side of the Rock River, or you can take the River Road which runs on the east side of the Rock River. Both roads are scenic and have many views of the river. On Route 2, you pass by a lovely golf course, while on the River Road you pass the Byron Speedway - made famous in an old Happy Days episode with Fonzie and Pinky Tuscadero. It is still in operation and they have many races there in the summer months.

     We are taking the River Road and our first stop is at the Byron River Park. This park has been really developed over the past fifteen years or so and is a very pretty park. It is very quiet and peaceful here - great place to relax and soak up a litte sun, get in a little fishing, swimming if you want to really swim in the river, or picnic. There is some playground equipment there, as well. This spring as we would pass by, we would see a huge flock of geese there. The day we stopped to take some pictures, the geese were gone, but I could seem many feathers scattered about, as well as their little "treasures".

Bridge     ByronRiverPark2     ByronRiverPark3

ByronRiverPark4     ByronRiverPark5     ByronRiverPark

     We will now cross that bridge you see in the pictures into the town of Byron. Byron is another small town, but a bit larger than Oregon. There are several great restaurants here, several used and new car lots - this is where we have bought our vehicles for many years - Lace's Used Cars; a beautiful library which we use often, a historical society, nursing home with a retirement community, several good sized cemeteries - one of which has many of my relatives and ancestors, and several other sights. If you take Route 2 north out of Byron, you will go to Rockford, but about 5 miles outside of town is Lake Louise - a great lake to go swimming in, and they also have some camp grounds there. I remember going with the neighbors several times as a kid and it was always considered a real treat!

This is the Civil War Monument near the center of town. My great grandfather's name is also listed on this monument, Ephraim Burd, but they spelled his last name Bird, as that is how his discharge papers had him listed.


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