Pictures from the Boat Access

     These pictures were all taken at the part of Castle Rock State Park that is next to the Rock River. This area has a ramp for boat access to the water, as well as some areas for fishing from the banks. The river was so pretty looking at it today that I just kept taking pictures. The one picture I took, I was gazing at the river and thought it looked just like I had taken a picture of the trees and brush on the opposite bank and than animated it in the Reflet program - the only difference was instead of the water ripples coming towards me, they were going in the direction of the current - south! It was a really neat feeling though to stand there and see all of that!

BoatingAccess     BoatAccess     BoatAccess2

BoatAccess3     BoatAccess4     BoatAccess5

BoatAccess6     PicnicAreaAtBoatAccess

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