Pictures from the Picnic and Trail Area

     These pictures are taken in the main part of the park, with the picnic areas, several trails and lots of fields of prairie grass and trees. All of the picnic areas have some playground equipment and I didn't take pictures of any of those, but this one area only had this wooden "thing" that kind of looks like an old fashioned tractor. That was unusual, so I did take a picture of that. Some of the pictures are taken of the side of the road where the trees and brush are fairly thick, in those areas, if you look closely you can almost see the trail that is in there. Some trails are marked as for viewing wild life - but all we saw today was a few crows!

GoingInMainPark       SideOfRoad       ViewPicnicTrailArea2

ViewPicnicTrailArea3       ViewPicnicTrailArea4       ViewPicnicTrailArea5

ViewPicnicTrailArea6       ViewPicnicTrailArea7       ViewPicnicTrailArea8

ViewPicnicTrailArea       WoodTractor

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