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     Welcome to my own little tour of Oregon, Illinois. This is my hometown where I was raised and grew to be a young adult. Just prior to my 18th birthday, I left home for Peoria, Illinois, to go to nursing school at Saint Francis School of Nursing. After graduation, I stayed in Peoria to work in the Premature Unit at Saint Francis Hospital. I met my husband in Peoria, but we got married in Forreston, Illinois. This is a small town to the northwest of Oregon, also in Ogle County. We lived in the Peoria area with both of us working there - myself at Saint Francis Hospital for over 25 years and my husband at Caterpillar. We moved back to Oregon to my family home in August, 2003. Our home was built circa 1904 to 1905 by my great grandfather. So my family history for this area is over 100 years. On these pages, we will not only tour Oregon, but the State Parks surrounding Oregon and some of the neighboring towns. All places I have loved since I was a little girl.

     We started our family of three boys in Peoria, then after the birth of our second son, we moved across the Illinois River to Pekin, Illinois. When our third son was almost two, we moved to East Peoria, Illinois. We rented two different houses there, in the area called Sunnyland, and then bought a house in the same neighborhood. We lived in that house for about 18 years. The day we moved back home to Oregon, I realized that I had moved away almost 37 years previously - I left in late August and we moved back in early August! We have loved living in Oregon and we are both very content. Our house is very cluttered as it was full of my parents' and my brother's things and then we moved a lot of our "things" in! I am very slowly trying to get it more organized.

     I learned how to make a basic web site and do my graphics (enhance my pictures, etc.) at Virtual University. This is a really neat place to learn. Many kind and supportive, as well as creative instructors and they also offer a wide variety of classes - including some science, psychology, etc. The rates are extremely reasonable and the classes are of five weeks in duration. It is simply amazing how much you can learn in those five weeks. Please check out their site and maybe you will find a class or two to interest you!

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     Please feel free to contact me if you would like to use any of my pictures you see within these pages, or if you have any comments. Send email to susie

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