Lowden Miller State Forest

      Lowden-Miller State Forest is located along the eastern shoreline of the Rock River. It is four miles south of IL Hwy 64 at Oregon, Illinois. The forest covers 2,225 acres of land and is a great habitat for deer and turkey. The forest also offers trails for horseback riding and 22 miles of trails are set aside for hiking. During the winter months, the hiking trails are converted into cross-country ski trails. My youngest son and several of his friends love to go hiking there and soon will have covered all of the hiking trails. Dan has even taken his dad in the wheelchair on one of the trails, so he could experience the beauty of this forest.

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Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Reporter

      The Environmental Reporter gives a history on the State Forest.

going into the forest     coming out of forest

Going into the forest and then coming out.

Corn at edge of forest

One of the many cornfields surrounding the forest.

Scene from forest edge     horse area

      This is a view from the edge of the forest, and then the sign for one of the equestrian trails.

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