First Snow of Fall/Winter 2006

12 October 2006

      They were predicting snow for today, but I didn't believe them! In 1954, it snowed during the night of the 29th to the 30th - that is the only snow in October I can remember here. I think we got just under an inch, but it did cover the ground. We were watching some of our shows that we had taped last night, when all of a sudden my husband hollered out that it was snowing! I grabbed his coat and my camera, stepping outside. It was coming down like in a blizzard, but none of that showed up in the picture I took. It also was accumulating on the ground, so I took a few pictures of our porch and the ramp to show the actual snow! I also took pics of our Halloween decorations in the front. I had to laugh, for the skull looked like it was trying to walk away. I took a picture of it, then brought it back and set it up between our little porch and the house - where I had moved it to last night, too! Last night it wasn't as far across the yard, but it was facing the house instead of the street! Last night, the little ghost was caught on the ramp, but was bobbing in the wind. I moved him back to the porch, and used his little strings to tie him to the one railing. Today, he has moved with the wind to where we can now see him out the front door and when he bobs, it looks like he is waving at us - probably wants to come in where it is warm. The temp while it was snowing was 34 degrees Farenheit, and now it is up to a heat wave at 42! Hope you enjoy these photos!

blowing snow       snow

The snow

more snow       snow on porch

More snow

skull leaving       skull

The skull leaving and then in position.

ghost       ghost on porch

The friendly ghost

marcus the carcus

Marcus the Carcus


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