1 December 2006

    Mother Nature visited the Midwest! According to the news on television, Oregon has an official snow depth of 13 inches. This is the most recorded for this section of the state, as Rockford and several other area towns received less. We had rain all day yesterday, and the temperature did drop last night, but there were no reports of freezing rain in our area. Just a lot of snow! These pictures were taken from inside our front door (there is a screen effect on a couple) and then the others were taken while I stood on our back porch. Enjoy!

    These are two shots of across the street - the man who lives in the house with the two buried vehicles didn't have much of a drive to clear, but he sure had to unbury his vehicles! The next picture is of our back steps - wooden, but almost looks like it is a ramp!

across street       across street 2       backsteps

    These are two shots of our backyard and the neighbor behind us. Isn't that a beautiful evergreen with the snow on it? The third shot is of the same back wooden steps, with the angle over to our garbage cans. Aren't they lovely?

      backyard 2       back steps and porch

    The first shot is of the east side of our back porch and the concrete steps and beyond. The second shot is of the wooden steps and our poor buried van. The third shot is of our neighbors almost directly across the street.

backporch       steps and van       brick house

    This first shot is of the drive cleared - you can tell by the edges that the snow is around a foot deep. The next two shots are of our generous neighbor who clears the snow for us.

cleared drive       clearing drive       clearing drive 2

    These last shots are from the front door of our home. The first one shows how deep the snow drifted around our milk can that was sitting on the sidewalk. That is a full sized, regular milk can! The second shot is of the snow blocking our front door. Even though it was only about four to five inches deep there, that was as far as I could push the door open! The third shot is looking straight out the front door - where did our ramp and sidewalk go? All was buried! Our neighbor also cleared the porch and the walk and ramp so we could get out if need be.

buried milk can       open front door       front walk


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