My 2012 Garden Update August

    The heat this summer really did a number on our little garden, but it did survive! Bill watered it frequently and continued to improve it by adding some perennials. It took forever for the seeds to grow - and the north side of the porch did better. I think they were "wild flowers", as Bill said it was just weeds coming up! Maybe, and they did spread, but they have lovely small blue flowers and I love them. The south side is still being slow, but we have had several pink blossoms on the one plant, and a couple of other plants are coming up, but so far no blooms.

    The transplanted hostas did not fare well in the heat, but are now coming back, slowly. The Naked Ladies came up, but didn't last too long in the heat.

North or left side of the porch.

L front of house

South or right side of the porch.

R front

R front

This is the Scarlet Bee Balm plant - there is one on each side of the sidewalk in the little curve of it, just before the porch.

R front

This photo is of the left or north side of the porch - one of the Pampas Grass we transplanted last fall. This small clump is just now starting to bloom. The one around the corner of the house (further north of the porch) is growing, but not as well as this one.


This photo is of the left side of the sidewalks as the main one meets the one to the porch. Bill built the little fences from pallets, painted them and put them in the corners of the two sidewalks. The plants are rose bushes, which we hope will survive the winter and give us some lovely yellow/peach blooms next summer.


I took this picture from the edge of the driveway, looing northeast towards the house.

front scene

The next photo I took standing on the curb in front of the house.

house front

    With the heat, the black raspberries died before they were barely ripe. We did get a few very small batchs, just enough to gobble up. The blooming season was short-lived. The large rose bush kept growing in height, but no blooms during the heat, but now with some cooler weather, there are five new blooms. The bushes with the small roses only blooms in mid May to early June, so its season was short lived, but I did get several blossoms to put in bowls in the house.


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