Christmas Yard Decorations 2009

    Many years ago, our family changed our family traditions at Christmas. I stopped baking Christmas cookies and candy. We didn't decorate the outside or put up a tree. We didn't even really buy presents. We took a trip, went to a new zoo or went to see a new movie. We just relaxed. This lasted for about two years, then Pop had his stroke.

    The first Christmas, Pop had come home near the beginning of the month. A few days before Christmas, he could move his leg! He was starting to get some return. He wanted Christmas similar to the way we used to celebrate it, so I bought an artifical tree, got out our decorations and Danny put up all of Pop's lights. We started a new tradition of getting Pop some new yard decorations.

    After our move here in 2003, we only found a few of the lights for on the house and the wire decorations with lights. Danny got them put up. We started buying more yard decorations, only this time, we went for inflatables. Over the years here, we also found more of the lights. This year, Danny got the lights up on the eaves of the front of the house, and a friend of his strung lights on the porch railings. He bought some new lights to put on the star, which used to be in the front yard years ago, but now with this house being taller, there is room to hang it on the front of the house.

    We couldn't find any of our inflatables - put away safe - from us! The wire yard decorations are in the garage, but only visible from a distance, as they were put in a good access place in January, but in March, a friend needed a lot of storage space, so the wire ones are sort of buried! So off to the store and Danny got us a small penguin and a small snowman.

    In looking in the laundry room for something unrelated to the yard inflatables, he found our original penguin - 8 foot tall, and the empty box for the snowman, also 8 foot tall. Our new ones are only 4 feet tall. After putting up the tall penguin, I took some pictures. I apologize for the blurriness in some - it was bitter cold out there and I wasn't wearing a coat. I hope you enjoy seeing our cute snowman and the penguins


Danny adding a guide wire to the large penguin.


Little penguin.


Large penguin.


Second look at large penguin.


Danny waving from behind large penguin.


Both penguins, with lighted tree and railings on porch.




Snowman bobbing in wind.


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