January 2010 Rock River

    From the day after Christmas, until almost mid January, our temperatures were 20 degrees or lower. Naturally, this affected the Rock River with lots of ice. The ice caused some minor flooding in some areas near the river, but it was not for very long. The homes it affected were also homes that have had this problem in the past, so they knew how to deal with it. As the temperatures rose, there was still some flooding as when the ice melt, and some rains came, it caused the river to rise some more. The river is still high, but it is no longer at flood stages.

    Our temps have again fallen, but they aren't supposed to stay as low for as long - will just have to wait and see. We will also keep an eye on the river to see if we can capture more neat pictures.


The Rock River and Dam in early January, taken by my friend Gretchen.


A close up of the area within the red box in the previous picture.


Basically the same view as in the very first photo, but a couple of weeks later, with a few days of temps in the lower 30's.


Angle of shot slightly to the south.


Further angled south.


Even more south.


Slightly north and of the dam.



These photos were all taken on January 19, 2010.

    The following pictures were taken one week later, on January 26, 2010. I took these just to show the differences from just a week ago. You can see the river is still high, but not high enough to be potential flooding.






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