Lelio, June, 2009

    Lelio is now officially a year old - not sure exactly when, but sometime within the last month or so. What a year of love we have had with this little guy! The laughs also continue. However, with his growing, he has also gone through many times where he has been in trouble! Sometimes, when he jumps up with Danny, as Danny goes to pet him, he notices that his fur is wet - so he says, "Ahhh, need some cuddling because you are in trouble with Gramma, huh?" For the water spray bottle is my way to discipline him when he is being mean to his big brother, Midnight, by biting him!

    Lelio is very much our grand-kitty and he loves his Grampa and Gramma very much. He loves to cuddle and have us pet him, but usually when he wants it, not when we do! LOL He helps to tuck Grampa in almost every night, by going into the room and watching him get ready for bed. Sometimes he comes out when I do, but other times, he stays for a while and then scratches at the door when he wants out.

    He also loves to walk with Grampa through the house - both walk slowly, and Lelio plays this game where he lays down in front of Grampa, or in front of his cane. He won't move until he is sprayed with the water bottle, or one of us picks him up! Grampa gets mad if he is in a hurry to go to the bathroom, but often just laughs at him and says a few cuss words! For a while, he carried his own little spray bottle!

    Some times, Lelio will join me on the couch at night and wants petting as I am trying to go to sleep, other times, he just uses me as a perch to watch tv. I often fall asleep once he is settled and when I wake in a few hours to go to the bathroom, he is gone. I always go to sleep on my side, usually my left, and often have my right arm tossed over the back of the couch. The other day, we caught Lelio taking a nap in the chair where Midnight loves to sleep, but Lelio was imitating Gramma in his position.

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