Snow March 2013

    On the 6th of March this year, Mother Nature dumped a huge snow storm across most of the Midwest and it then moved onto the East Coast. In our area, the official snow accumulation was 9 inches. However, being in the river valley, we can get more or less than the official total, as it is taken in Rockford, twenty-five miles to the north and slightly east. It is difficult to judge just how much we got, but I am sure we got 9 and then some.

    Our two guys, Bill and Sean, did the shoveling and using the snow blower - several times over Tuesday and Wednesday. As the snow continued all day Tuesday and some into the night, as well as flurries all day with wind, causing the snow to drift on Wednesday.

    Thursday, while looking out the front door, I noticed the icicles hanging from our front awning and had to laugh at the picture I saw, and of course, had to take some pictures. Bill, after he looked, said it almost looked like some animal's teeth!

Icicles from inside house





Then Sean stepped out to the end of the sidewalk and took these pictures of the icicles.



This photo is looking straight out from the house, and the second one shows the squirrel feeder with the one corn cob peeking through.



This photo is looking just off the left of the porch, to the south and then of the street to the south.



Turning north, or to the right of the porch, then with the street to the north.

front scene


This one is looking from our porch to the driveway. See all the snow they blew with the snow blower on the Bridal Wreath?


    After taking these pictures, I went back inside. In a short while, we could hear the street being plowed once again, so I went to the door. The city was using an endloader to do the final clearing where cars had been the day before. This picture shows where he dumped all the snow he got from the front of the house across the street.


    Within the hour, with the sun and the temp in the mid 30's, the center of the icicles fell from the awning and a short time later, the rest fell, as well. I was glad I had gotten the pictures of them when I did. I checked and our usual icicles, I took pictures of in years past, off the gutter near the back porch, never really formed this year. Today, the sun is out, but the temp is only 31, so not as much melting going on, but we are to get a lot of rain over the weekend, so the snow won't last long with that plus temps in the 40's.


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