Christmas Day 2009

Pop Playing Wii

    Danny's girlfriend Alicia got a Wii box for Christmas and they brought it over for Pop and I to give it a try. Pop did very well - well, on all except the golf! LOL We all took turns playing and even I got into the boxing! I didn't try any of the others, as I was in the process of cooking our dinner.

    These first two shots are of Pop opening his gifts and wearing the bow from his first one!


Pop opening one of his gifts.


Checking out his gift.

    These next shots are of Pop playing boxing on the Wii. Since this game required two hands, Danny knelt next to Pop's chair and was his right hand. All of the knock downs and knock outs that were done in the game were accomplished by Pop with his left hand! These are "action shots" so there is some blurriness, expecially of his hand. I apologize for the blurriness, but they were moving and grooving! LOL








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