Pop's Birthday

    As Danny, Alicia and I were in the kitchen fixing candles for his cake, we had a lovely surprise gift for Pop. Timm, Emilie and Asher came for a birthday visit!

    Asher wearing his Sponge Bob sunglasses and helping Pop look for something.


The birthday cake - very bright with 65 lit candles!


Boy, did that attract Asher's attention!


    The candles are out, so now safe to lower the cake so that Asher can check that out closer!




    While the cake was on Pop's lap, he started to remove the candles. Asher watched for a moment, then as Danny and Alicia started helping, Asher reached in and helped, too!



    Time to eat the cake! Put our old towel bib on Asher and Danny brought down the rocking chair that I used to sit in. He set it across from Pop. Asher climbed right in the chair, and Pop offered him a bit of cake!



    Since Uncle Danny was sitting on the floor - right at Asher's height - he felt he had to have some of Uncle Danny's cake and ice cream, too!


    After a visit to Mommy to have a bite, it was back to Grampa!


    Looking around to see who he should "share" with next!



    I found a child cup and gave it to Alicia so she could share some drink with Asher! He liked having his own little cup and after drinking some, he would walk around shaking the cup! No top on the cup! So there were little drops all over! Alicia had anticipated something like this, so she was only putting enough juice in the cup to barely cover the bottom! Timm was a bit upset and I told him it was only fair that Asher added to the "tie-dying" effect Pop and I seemed to be adding to our old carpeting! It has been down almost 40 years and there isn't much that can hurt it!


    When it was time to leave, Timm held Asher and came to each of us for Asher to give kisses - I got several! Actually, so did Timm! However, when he walked over to Bob, Asher leaned down, got within inches of Bob's face, then would turn at the last minute and laugh! He was teasing Grampa. He did this several times, but then finally he gave Grampa a couple of big kisses! He has his Grampa's sense of humor and teasing!


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