On 21 August 2008, our daughter-in-law, Emilie, presented us with our first grandchild, Asher Ulysses G_. He was born at 9:39 a.m., CST, VIA Cesarian Section. Emilie had mild pre-eclampsia, which made the section necessary. Asher is about 35-36 weeks gestation. He weighed 5 pounds and 6.6 ounces, and was 18 inches long.

Asher and Daddy

Asher at about 15 minutes old in Daddy's arms.

    The doctor had to give Asher some oxygen by mask to get him to take that first good breath. Hospital protocol made it necessary to have Asher stay in the Nursery for 24 hours as a Level II baby.

asher at 15 minutes

Just after being checked over by the nurse in the Nursery. Tasting his own hands and Daddy's finger. (Not quite an hour old.)

    Uncle Danny didn't make it here to see Asher until Friday afternoon. After Gramma held this cutie pie, then Uncle Danny claimed his turn. Gramma used the opportunity to get a couple of close-ups of Asher's face.

22 aug 08 in Dan's arms       second pic in dan's arms

    Daddy Timm came in late and grumpy. He was very tired. He took Asher from Gramma and his face lit up. The baby made a bunch of faces and as Uncle Danny and Gramma pointed out how much Asher looked like his Grampa Bob, Timm peered closely and laughed.

Timm and Asher, Friday nite       Timm and Asher, Friday nite 6

Timm and Asher, Friday nite 5       Timm and Asher, Friday nite 4

    Saturday afternoon, Asher was to get his baby picture taken. Gramma got to dress him in his new little dragon sleeper, and her heirloom hat. The lace on the hat is tatted and was made for Asher's great gramma Jane by her Aunt Mary. Gramma wore it after she was born as did her little brother. When Gramma was pregnant with her first baby, her Mom gave it to her. All three sons of Gramma wore the hat. Now it is Asher's turn! The lace is about 92 years old and the blue liner is about 54 years old.

    After the photographer finished with her pictures and left the room, Gramma got her camera out and took a few pictures of her own.

23 Aug 08 2       23 Aug 08 3

23 Aug 08 4       23 Aug 08 5

    This is the first of many pages about Asher! His initials are AUG, and they are thinking of calling him "Augie" - after all, he was born in the month of August. Just nine days before his Gramma Susie's birthday - she really loves this early birthday present!


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