ASHER, 2nd Month

    Another page of pictures of Asher, so we can watch some of his growth. Although some of the first images were taken in mid-September by me, the one showing his eyes being so big and the video were taken in early October by his mother.

    Asher weighed 7 and a half pounds around his one month birthday (21 September 2008). His mama says he is a great little eater. However, now that he is having his bath in his little tub, instead of just being sponged off, he is not caring for it! Hearing that, made me giggle, for his daddy did not like his baths either. Some babies seem to chill too quickly, so they cry through most of their baths, until they get a little older.

asher and friend

Asher and his little buddy.

asher sleeping

Asher napping. These were taken by Asher's mama in early September.

The following pictures were taken on September 17th by Gramma Susie and Uncle Danny.

grampa bob and asher

Grampa Bob getting ready to kiss Asher. Within minutes, he decided that Asher needed to wear his hat. So while I tried to hold the hat on, Uncle Danny took some pictures.

grampa bob and asher in grampa's hat

asher hat 2

gramma susie and asher

Gramma Susie cuddling with Asher.

uncle dan and asher

Uncle Danny holding a very sleepy Asher.

asher and mommy

Asher and Mommy snuggling.

asher on Oct. 3

"I see you", is what Mommy labeled this photo from her cell phone. This was taken on 3 October.

    Emilie (Mommy) took the following little video of Asher on 5 October, with her cell phone. This was a beautiful start to my day!


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