ASHER, 3rd Month

    Another page of pictures of Asher, so we can continue to watch him grow. These pictures were taken on 27 November 2008, Thanksgiving Day by myself and my son Danny.

Emilie and Asher

07 Em and Ash

08 Em and Ash

09 Em and Ash

Emilie, Asher and Timm at Blackhawk Statue, Lowden State Park.

10 Timm, Em and Ash

11 Timm, Em and Ash

12 Timm, Em and Ash

13 Blackhawk

Emilie, Asher and Timm at Blackhawk Statue, Lowden State Park, facing the statue. Background is the Rock River.

15 Em, Timm and Ash

16 Em and Ash       22 Em and Ash

26 Em, Timm and Ash

      Lowden State Park is to be closed on 30 November 2008, and the statue of Blackhawk will be inaccessible. We wanted a couple of pictures taken with Asher in front of the statue to continue on with our family tradition of having pictures taken in front of Blackhawk. The tradition started with my mom taking pictures of me around age 4 and for many years after.

Saying good-byes before heading home to Peoria.

31 Timm and Ash

Asher doesn't want to get dressed for travel. "Singing" loudly his protest!

34 Em and Ash

Mama holding Asher while Daddy loads up the car.

Timm and Asher saying good-bye to Grampa, who is teasing Asher!

35 Timm, Ash and Grampa

36 Timm, Ash and Grampa

37 Timm, Ash and Grampa

39 Timm, Ash and Grampa

40 Timm, Ash and Grampa

Asher in his new shirt and slippers from his Auntie Rollie in Holland.

41 Asher       42 Asher

43 Timm and Asher

      Asher is up to almost 10 pounds now and growing like a little weed. He has a beautiful little laugh and a gorgeous smile. He loves to play patti-cake and giggles through the entire game. If he is crying it is often a great soother to him and the tears turn off as fast as if by a light switch. He is bright and alert and seems to watch everything. He seemed to enjoy seeing his Grampa and Gramma and his Uncle Dan and had smiles and giggles for each of us.

      I hope you have enjoyed seeing how much Asher has grown and hope to have some more photos soon.


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