Asher's First Birthday Party

    Asher turned one year old on August 21st, and the following day, Daddy and Mommy threw a birthday party for him. The following are some of the pictures taken at the party. Some of the pictures were taken by Uncle Kevin or Aunt Karie, a few were taken by Nolan, who is only six years old (a budding photographer) and the rest were taken by Gramma Susie.

who are all these people by kp

Asher looking at all the people at his house, waiting for the party to get going. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

Asher Uncle Kev by karie

Asher and Uncle Kevin. Taken by Aunt Karie.

caterpiller by nolan

Asher on his new caterpiller ride. Taken by Nolan.

asher and uncle kev

Uncle Kevin holding Asher. Taken by Gramma Susie.

mom and pop by nolan

Grampa Bob and Gramma Susie. Taken by Nolan.

by karie

Asher and Uncle Kevin coming up the stairs, with Grampa and Gramma watching. Taken by Aunt Karie.

karie kp

Karie sitting in the yard. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

Uncle Kevin

Uncle Kevin sitting in the outside playpen. Taken by Aunt Karie.

    Asher was starting to get fussy and sleepy, ready for a nap. However, it was time for birthday cake!

grampa ash bib

Grampa holding Asher so Daddy could put his bib on. Taken by Gramma Susie.

bday cake

Daddy giving Asher his birthday cake - two cupcakes. Taken by Gramma Susie.

timm taking candles off

Daddy removing the candles. Taken by Gramma Susie.


Asher getting the rings from the tops of his cakes. Taken by Gramma Susie.

first touch

Asher tentatively touching his first cupcake. Taken by Gramma Susie.

shoving cake kp

Asher shoving cake into his mouth. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

grampa helping

Grampa helping Asher. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

grampa feeding

Grampa feeding Asher. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

smiling at daddy

Smiling at Daddy. Taken by Uncle Kevin.

grampa finger

Grampa holding an icing laden finger out to Asher for him to lick. Taken by Gramma Susie.

grampa finger kp

Grampa letting Asher lick the icing off his finger. One of the times that Asher bit down. Grampa didn't say a word! Taken by Uncle Kevin.

biting finger kp

Asher biting Grampa's finger, again, Grampa didn't say a word! Taken by Uncle Kevin.

    When the cake was finished, Daddy took Asher in to clean him up and to change his shirt. When they came back out, it was time to open presents! A gift was opened - two darling onsies with great sayings on them that Daddy and Mommy really loved - family joke for them! Gramma got down the porch steps just in time to see the onsies! Next was a large bag stuffed with lots of tissue paper, stuffed on purpose for Asher to pull out. He pulled out two aqua colored sheets, and there was the card. Daddy opened it up and gave the card to Asher.

looking at card

Looking at the birthday card, and kind of showing it to Alida whose family had given it to Asher. Taken by Gramma Susie.

discussing card

Discussing the card with Alida. Taken by Gramma Susie.

    Asher showed the card to Mommy and wouldn't put it down, so as he stepped away from Mommy, Alida took it and laid it down on the aqua paper.

retrieving card

After Alida laid the card down, Asher walked over and squatted down to pick the card up. It was his card and he liked it! It had a brightly colored caterpiller on it that looked similar to the caterpiller from Gramma and Grampa that Asher loved riding on earlier. Taken by Gramma Susie.

    Daddy and Mommy finally got the present out - a neat baby toy with plenty of activities on it. Asher dropped the card to play with it. There was another little outfit in the bag - long sleeved shirt and black jeans - for him to grow into! Last to be opened was the large envelope from Grampa, Gramma, Uncle Danny, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Karie and Nolan. It contained a savings bond for Asher. Daddy and Mommy were very grateful for it.

    The party continued with a couple of adults and some of the kids playing badminton, while Asher took a nap on Daddy's arm. Once he was asleep, Daddy took him inside to his bed.

    As the party wound down, we headed back to Sunnyland and for some supper. A great and fun time was had by all, and Gramma got to meet some friends of Daddy Timm's that either she and Grampa had heard about, or had met many years before!


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