December 2007 Snow

    Woke up this morning to see a covering of snow on everything outside, and it was still coming down! That was at 11 o'clock a.m. It is now five hours later and it is still snowing, but it is more of the flurry variety.

    Being a lover of great pictures, I grabbed my camera and stepped out on the front porch. I took aim and just started clicking. It looked beautiful! No one was out shoveling yet, and while I was on the porch, no vehicles went past in the street! Once I had finished in the front, I walked through the house and went onto the back porch. More lovely sights of the snow covering all the blemishes of the things in the back yards! I again started snapping pictures. When I finished there, I came back into the house, and took of my wet and very wet footie socks.

    A couple of hours later, I happened to glance out the front door and noticed that not only was the snow still coming down, but it was so thick that visibility was greatly reduced. I again grabbed up my camera and went onto the porches. This time I had some hard soled slippers on, so my feet didn't get wet or cold!

    I took careful aim to get a shot of two items in our front yard - our little maple tree and the squirrel feeder Bob got for Christmas. It was really noticeable how much snow had fallen in the last couple of hours looking at these two small items.

    I have posted a few of the photos that I took today, so that I can share the beauty of all of this snow. I hope you enjoy them.

maple 1       small_maple 2

Maple tree; picture on left taken about two hours before the picture on the right.

squirrel feeder 1       squirrel feeder 2

Squirrel feeder; picture on left taken about two hours before the picture on the right.

snowing 2       snowing 3

Looking up, then down the street.

snow on bridal wreath       more snow on bridal wreath

Neighbor's bridal wreath bushes.

snow driveway       snowing in back

Looking up our driveway, and the neighbor's back yard

van       single tree

Our van covered with snow, and one of the evergreens in the neighbor's yard.

The Next Day

    The sound of a snowblower woke me around 8 this morning. It was our neighbor who takes care of our yard in the summer and our snow in the winter. He cleared the driveway, sidewalks and porches for us. When I got up about three hours later, I had to take a few more pictures.

    Officially, our snow accumulation was only a little over five inches - that is according to the Rockford airport. However, Oregon sits down in the Rock River valley and we can experience different weather here than in Rockford. From the looks of the shoveled sidewalk, it looks like we got closer to about seven inches or so. Forecast for the upcoming week, says we could have snow from the weekend through New Years Day. The only thing that sounds good in that forecast is that they are not calling for much accumulation with the upcoming snows! Guess we will have to wait and see!

across the street to north

Looking across the street towards the north.

drive to the street

Our drive going onto the street.

front yard feeder

Our squirrel feeder.

maple tree

Our little maple tree.

looking up street

Looking up the street towards the north.

looking down street

Looking down the street

drive in front of van

Our drive in front of our van.


Our driveway

neighbor backyard

Our neighbor to the south - backyard. (Not where neighbor Doug lives.)


Our backyard, looking towards the street behind us.


Squirrel in the tree going on to the wires - look closely!!


Part of our back porch

icicle       icicle 2

Icicle - always one in this spot, if there is going to be one!

      These pictures are not for public use, they are all protected by international copyright laws and belong to me and my family. Please respect these laws.