December08 - January 09

    This page has some photos of our grand-kitties, Midnight (gray and black striped) and Lelio (black and white), looking out the window and about just before Christmas. There is one photo of our oldest son Kevin displaying his new hat and mask we gave him for Christmas. He enjoys winter camping and we felt these would help to keep him warm. The mask is leather, and the hat is made of alpaca - we got both of them in Estes Park, Colorado, this past summer.

    The snow pictures were taken on 14 Jan 09, after our latest round of snow. The front sidewalk, leading down from our porch was shoveled and cleared around 8:30 and about another half inch had fallen by the time I took the photos around noon. The car and van have since been cleared and the lower part of the drive is now shoveled.

1 lelio


2 lelio on Dan, midnight

Lelio on Dan's knee, with Midnight draped over arm of couch.



window watching

Window watching

window watching 2

Window watching 2



dan's car

Dan's car

front sidewalk

Our front sidewalk.

across the street

Looking across the street.

front walk 2

Closer angle of our front walk.

looking north

Looking north up the block and street.

front yards

Our front yard and neighbor's, to the north.

front yards 2

Our front yard and neighbor's, again.

milk can

Milkcan covered, too!

gary's yard

Neighbor's yard to the south.

our back yard

Our backyard


Lower part of our driveway.

Snow hiding messy porch.


Icicles aren't very long this year.

looking up driveway

Looking up our driveway.


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