Easter 2009

    These pictures were taken on 12 April 2009, Easter, by myself and my son Danny. We were at our old house, spending the weekend with Kevin, Karie and Nolan - and of course, the two dogs, and their cats. Meowzer is the only cat who really lives there anymore, as the younger dog, Mojo has kind of driven the other cats off.

PopVeya1       PopVeya2


Pop and Veya

BasketHat       Waiting

MoreLooking       AnotherEgg

AnotherEgg2       FoundAnother

EggTooHigh       HelpFromKev

Counting       BasketBroke

WhereIsBasket       NeedBasket

Looking       WatchingNolan

LookingWithKev       KevTakingPic

FinalBaskets       Sharing


Mojo checking out Asher

playing       WatchingMojo


Watching       TalkingUncleDan

TalkingGramma       TalkingGramma2

TalkingGramma3       TalkingGramma4

Looking at Gramma

Smiling       playing

playing2       MorePlaying

TastingGiraffe       MoreTasting


HiUncleDan       IntentOnUncles

WithGrampa       LookingAtGrampa

While Grampa was holding Asher, Asher turned to face him and reached up putting one of his little hands on each side of Grampa's face. Guess he wanted to make sure Grampa was looking right at him!

WearingDaddyHat       BigStuff

Easter156       Easter157

Easter158       Easter163

Easter172       Easter177

Easter179       bonk


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