First Snowstorm, December 4, 2010

    The first real snow storm to hit our area started on December 3rd, a Friday late afternoon. The snow continued through the night, depositing about 8 inches for us. The snow continued on through the day as snow showers, so only about another inch accumulation. We had put up our Christmas inflatables for decorations, adding two new ones this year. Due to the snow last year burying the inflatables, we lost our snowman to a burned out motor.


Looking off the back porch to the backyard and neighbor's yard behind us.

pine trees

Pine trees in neighbor's yard.

back drive

End of our driveway, looking south to neighbor's yard.

back drive2

Second look at end of our driveway.

snowy trees

Snowy trees close up.

snowy trees2

Second close up of snowy trees.

strawberry basket

My strawberry basket - plants only were about 3/4 inch tall, and no place to put basket inside, so we left it out.


Looking up our driveway.


Looking up our driveway at a bit different angle.

looking north

In front of our house, looking up our street to the north.

south side of porch

The new inflatbles on the south side of the front porch.

new inflatables

The new inflatbles again.

new inflatables2

Yet again, the new inflatbles on the south side of the front porch.

new inflatables3

Yet another view of the new inflatables.


The two penguins, with the large one laying down on the job, even before the snow.

squirrel feeder

The squirrel feeder with a partial filled corn cob. The stake is really low in the ground, but we ran out of time to fix the stake that is rotting.


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