Flowers, June, 2013

    These are some pictures of our current roses and of our attempt at growing tomatoes.


Looking to the back yard. This rose bush was transplanted from the side of the house to be back where it originally started. It has taken it several years to regrow and produce its usual abundance.



We bought this set of plants of 3 at Aldi's, a discount grocery store, about a month ago - it was completely dried out, so instead of $7.00, we only gave $3.49. Bill soaked it in a bucket of water for several days and then replanted it. It is doing fine!



These are the two roses on the south side of the house. One is my favorite bush from several years ago, and the other is the base of the climber that is in the back yard.


This is the close up of the climber. It only blooms in June, so I have to dead head and pick roses frequently to keep it blooming for the month!




These are some close up views of my favorite bush. This is where I got my buds from that I drew several years ago.

    This is of one of the two rose bushes we planted last year. These are the fences Bill built from pallets, and painted. We weren't sure these little bushes would survive the winter, but they did. This south one is the only one blooming so far. I love the peach colored blooms!



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