Flowers at Jane's House, June, 2009

    The other night we went to our friend Jane's house, out in the country and near the river (but up on a cliff) for her birthday cookout. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed looking at her house, and her few flowers. She claims she is like me in that she manages to kill most of them.

    Near her front door, was two rather scraggly bush types with the beautiful white flowers. She didn't know the name of them, and neither did I. They have a lovely sweet fragrance. We both wondered if they might be apple blossoms, but as I said this was more of a bush type plant.

white flowers 1

white flowers 2

white flowers 3

    Then as I was taking the following photos, Jane told me that her friend, not knowing that she kills flowers, gave her this lovely plant for her birthday. Neither of us knew what they were either! LOL

pk flowers 1

pk flowers 2


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