Garage Cleaning

    When we moved here almost five years ago, we put a lot of boxes, both plastic totes and cardboard, into our garage. The garage was built in the late 1930's, with cinder blocks (cement blocks), and for the size of the cars at that time. It is very narrow and not very deep and also has a cement floor! One great thing about it are all the nice rafters for the roof - as with a few planks, some great storage! Of course, I don't "do" ladders, let alone lifting, so they are really out of my reach in more ways than one! Since I haven't done crafting for over seven years, that is where we put the large plastic totes full of craft supplies. Well, that is where Dan and his friend Jason put them!

    Kevin and Dan, along with some help from Karie, started unloading the garage on Saturday evening. They got about half of it out before it was getting too dark and too late to do much - plus the mosquitos were terrible! Sunday, all of us were a bit lazy and so didn't get started on it until early afternoon - that is when I started to snap a few pictures. The boys had covered everything with plastic sheeting the night before, so this is just after they rolled up the sheeting and are looking around, trying to decide where to start!

most of the mess

Most of the mess, just piled from the garage, nothing sorted or gone through yet.

karie and my chairs

Chairs for Karie and I, with some of the craft tote boxes stacked. They had already been gone through, so it was a start of one of the "sections".

mess and garage

Most of the mess, just piled outside the garage.

karie car drying towels

Towels from inside Karie's car, wet and starting to smell, so since the boys wouldn't let her do any carrying of the junk, she kept herself busy with other things or with gabbing with me. She also started a section of her own of things to take home with them!

some of the piles

Another angle of the mess.

what is next

Deciding what comes out next.

Pop supervising

Pop was supervising, and also commenting every so often, "Hey, that is mine!"

discussion on the junk

More discussion.

      There were piles of aluminum, scrap metal and plastic for recycling; boxes for me to go through; Dan's "stuff"; computer parts no longer useable; toys; garage sale items; recycle online things; old paper records to be burned and of course just trash! We rented a small dumpster and it will have to be emptied three times before we are through - bit on the costly side, but it couldn't be helped. Dan took the recycle things around to the various places with Pop going along for the ride.

      He swept out the garage and had to do a bit of digging - some cracks in the mortar between lower blocks has allowed dirt to sift in - so mortar repairs are coming up. Also have to check on the cost of raising the concrete floor - it is cracked and really settled in some areas - cheaper to raise it than to replace it - so we have been told! Still lots to do, but we made a great start with it - next is the basement! Thought it was dry, but it hasn't been since we moved in - need new gutters and roof, too! There is a lot of trash now down there as well! Oh, well, maybe another photopage will come from that as well!

      A couple of things about this clearing and cleaning tickled me - I now know where some of my things "disappeared" to - photo albums and the like; special baby outfits of the boys and other clothes I had saved over the years - the delight that not all was ruined from being in that garage for all these years; the way the boys worked hard together to do the work as well as to ty to keep some of my precious things safe and of course, the way they got all excited about some of what they came across - kind of like treasure hunting! There was some hurt at the loss of a couple of things, but there was so much laughter and joking that it more than made up for the small amount of sadness.


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