Veya and Mojo

    In mid to late August, we spent some time at our eldest son Kevin's home. He is the "father" to our two grand-dogs, Veya and her son Mojo. Veya is about 3 and a half years old and Mojo turned one at the beginning of July.

    Kevin and his girlfriend Karie gave their bed to us and they slept on the couch for the 6 days we were there. They slept on their couch and love seat in the living room. I woke the one morning to discover Kevin sound asleep with his two "babies" cuddling with him and also sound asleep!

kev sleeping

    A few hours later, they were awake, but Mojo was still cuddling with his "Papa". Mojo is totally unaware that he is as big as he is (about 80 pounds), he thinks he is only about as big as his head. He loves to be on your lap, especially if he loves you. He almost buries poor Karie. I could only tolerate his being on my lap for a few minutes as I could barely breathe! He is a cuddler, though and loves to wash your face with kisses!

kev and mojo

    Still later that same day, Kevin was laying on the couch watching some television and naturally his "babies" had to keep him company. If Karie is cuddling next to Kevin, Mojo drapes himself on her and Kevin and Veya often cuddles next to Karie.

kev and his babies 1

kev and his babies 2

kev and his babies 3

    Before we left, Dan sat on the couch and Veya got up to cuddle with her Uncle Dan. Then Dan had to say good-bye to Mojo. Dan is about 5' 10", so this gives you some perspective of how tall Mojo can reach - he is not at his maximum and Dan is leaning over a bit.

dan and veya

dan saying bye to Mojo

    It was nice to know that both dogs still know Bob and I are Grampa and Gramma and that Danny is someone special, too. But their loving can sometimes be a bit much! We don't get mad, though, we just laugh! They are both characters and we love them very much!


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