Our Grand Kitties, May, 2007

    The kittens are adult cats now, but we still call them "the boys" or "the kitties". Our son comes home to visit about every other weekend, as always and he brings the boys along. For the past few months, they have been next to impossible to get into their carriers, often hiding where they can't be reached. However, the past couple of visits, they have been a bit more cooperative.

    With becoming adults, and the fact that they are males, they have started with another annoying "action" - spraying! Thank goodness for some of the odor neutralizers that are on the market now!

    With the warmer weather, the boys spend most of their time near the open doors, or in one of the open windows. Sometimes they share a window, but other times they kind of battle over who is going to be there. TOO, being the larger, often wins. Shortly after, we notice that Hands has done a little marking of his territory!

    The boys and their "Poppa" were out for Memorial Day weekend. I caught TOO in the one living room window, so of course, I had to grab my camera. On Sunday, we had a graduation party to attend for my best friend's son. As we were leaving, we noticed the boys were both in that same window. I stopped the van, and had my son take a couple of pictures of them. I hope you enjoy seeing our grandcats once again!

 too 1

TOO sitting in the window.

too 2

As I started to take another picture, of course, TOO had to lay down.

too 4

All settled, and time to look around.

too 4

Just relaxing and looking around.

hands and too 1

Hey, where are you going?

hands and too 2

Did they say anything to you?

kitties in window

Guess we are all alone.

    Dan and his kitties left on Tuesday after Memorial Day, but he has sent me several photos this week. He has a nice window in his living room that the kitties love to sit in; however, he glanced at the window the other afternoon and saw the following:

too in window       too in window

Leaning on his "elbows", TOO enjoys the view from the window.

tired kitty

Tired kitty sleeping on Poppa's new chair.

mad at rain

A severe thunderstorm with heavy rainfall, kept TOO from being in the window, but he looks like he is lying on the couch with an attitude!

June 2007

    It's a warm Saturday in early June, and the kitties are trying to find a place or two to see what is going on or maybe catch a little shut-eye. Bob's electric wheel chair sits in front of their favorite and only window they have access to in the living room. They can still get into the window, but often fight over who gets to be there. On this particular day, TOO won. So Hands got as close as he could - in the electric wheel chair.




    TOO finally gave up and got on the floor. He slept for a few minutes at a time, waking up to look around to make sure he was not missing out on anything. Hands got off that hot leather seat and stretched out on the couch for his snooze. He was there for over an hour! He doesn't seem to mind if he misses out on something - his sleep is more important to him!


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