Grandkitties, June, 2008

    We still have the two grandkitties who are Danny's kitties, but Hands is no longer with Danny. He was able to sneak out of the apartment one night about a month ago while Dan was sleeping. He and a friend searched for hours, to no avail. However, both Danny and I feel that Hands is alive and well, just that he is living with someone else - and Dan feels it is someone in the apartment complex. He says there are several "little old ladies" who love cats living there. We decided that whoever has Hands "needs" him.

    We all miss him terribly, but I think poor TOO misses him the most!

    Dan has a good friend who is a neighbor, who owns a pair of young cats - brother and sister (Leo and Libby). He knew how he would feel if he lost one of his kittens, and he also knew how lonesome poor TOO was. So, when his mom's cat had a new litter, he got a little male for TOO! This page is to introduce you to Lelio! The name comes from an Anne Rice book, and Lelio was a lover! There is a couple of pictures of TOO, also. TOO seems to enjoy the company even if the little guy bothers him at times.

    By the way, TOO has a new name! He told Danny his name was actually Midnight. Danny frequently calls him Midnight, but at other times, he calls him 1158 (two to midnight)! Bob and I still call him TOO, and he will still answer to that.

    First some new pictures of TOO!


too & dan 1       too& dan 2

TOO sitting on his "Poppa's lap". Sorry they are on the blurry side - I did sharpen them.

lelio 1       lelio 2

Isn't he a little cutie? He also loves to cuddle and be petted - in other words, he is a lover!

lelio       lelio_blankets1       lelio_blankets2

lelio_dan_gram1       lelio_dan_gram2       lelio_dan_gram3

Lelio cuddling between Danny and Gramma.

lelio_danshand1       lelio_danshand2       lelio_danshand3

lelio_tub1       lelio_tub2       lelio_tub3

    There was a tiny, dead bug on the bottom of the tub. Every time one of us would go to the bathroom, Lelio would follow us in, jump into the tub and try to "get" the bug. I took the camera in, but all I could catch was him sitting under Bob's bath bench, watching the bug. Then he came out and investigated the drain. I was able to get two more pictures, but they are also a bit blurry.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed this little guy's visit. He climbs up on all of our laps; he "talks" to each of us; he is into almost everything - even things that the other kitties never got into! He is a very curious kitten! We have laughed so hard at some of his antics that we were crying! He is not a replacement for Hands, but we love him dearly - just as we do Hands where ever he is!

    One other thing, if he sees you with a camera, 99% of the time, he comes over to you! It can be very hard to take a picture of him! LOL I hope you enjoy meeting our new grandkitty!


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