Our Grand Cats, February, 2008

    Our darling grandcats have become full adults, but they are still our "boys"! The surgery last summer to neuter them took care of all of their spraying - so we are all very happy about that!

    Last December, our son Dan and his girlfriend picked up a kitten and a full-grown neutered male rabbit from the same place that Hands and TOO came from. The little kitten is a male, as well, and his name is Gizmo. Officially his owner is a little girl named Hannah, but she doesn't get to see him very often. Gizmo is a darling, loving kitten and he loves to play. The first two times he was here to visit, he was just too scared to enjoy himself, so the kids kept him upstairs, where they spent most of their time.

    The rabbit is named Peanut Butter and he is quite a character! His little owner is named Naomi, and she gets to visit with her mom more often, so she gets to see, play with and care for the kitten and her bunny about every weekend. The kids have caught him trying to "mount" each of the cats, and especially little Gizmo. He is also an explorer, so the kids have learned they either have to be prepared to do a lot of searching and cleaning (he leave little gifts all over) or keep him in the cage unless they are home and can keep an eye on him. He spent his visit here this weekend upstairs most of the time. If Naomi brought him down, she held him the entire time. I didn't get any pictures of him.

    The boys hadn't been out to visit since early December. We were anxious to see how they would handle the visit here again. They did their usual of walking around checking to see that everything was still the same. They both came to stand in front of each Bob and I, as if to say hello, but it was very brief, as they hurried off to check out more areas. When Bob went into our bedroom to change for bed, Hands followed him in, just like he always used to. He rolled around and cuddled with Bob and "told" Dan he was supposed to lay down and play as they used to! I think they both remembered being at Gramma's!

    Later that evening, I grabbed the camera, when Hands climbed on Dan's back and stayed there as Dan walked around.

hands on dan 1       hands on dan 2       hands on dan 3

Sitting pretty for Gramma to take a picture, then looking around.

hands on dan 4       hands on dan 5

Apparently, Hands got bored, so he turned to have his back facing me. He then did some more looking around, but did turn to look at me when I said his name!

    Saturday morning, I went into the kitchen to talk with Shannon and Naomi. When we came back into the living room, this is what I found in my computer chair.

hands gramma's chair

hands in gramma's chair 2

The above two pictures are two separate ones, even though they look identical - that just shows how used to having his picture taken that Hands is!

To further show how Hands is so used to me taking pictures of him, he didn't bother to get out of my chair, instead he just got more comfortable and settled in for a nap!! I picked him up a few minutes later, and placed him in the rocking chair. He was not too pleased with being moved. I think he feels that is his chair, too!
hands catnap

    Late Saturday evening, Dan was folding laundry and putting it in bags to be able to carry it back to their apartment. He set the bags near the front of the room - thus some of the clutter you will see in these next pictures is due to the kids being here. As he was starting to go upstairs, he noticed that TOO was watching Hermione very intensely. He even got up from laying on the couch to get a better angle of view! Dan hollered at him and he laid back down. He still was watching Hermione though.

    With Dan hollering at TOO, he woke up Gizmo who was napping in another chair. Gizmo sat up, but he basically kept his eyes closed, nodding off every so often and then jerking his head back up, as if he was trying to stay awake so he didn't miss anything! He looked so funny. Dan and I watched him for about five minutes. Then he yawned, stretched and climbed out of the chair. He climbed up on the couch and cuddled up to TOO! The following pictures were taken while this was going on. I have circled the two cats, and Hermione's bowl, and also drew an arrow to show TOO's direction of vision!!

TOO Hermione Gizmo

too and gizmo

too and gizmo 2

too and gizmo cuddling


too 2

gizmo       gizmo misted

In trying to take a close-up of Gizmo, I blurred the picture some. So I cropped it and then misted it, and made myself a sig tag with it!


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