Isaac, 12 August 2011

    While Isaac, my brother's Lab was out on his "chain" the other day, he barked his "I need help" bark. Bill went to help him, grumbling as he walked into the kitchen towards the back door. Suddenly he started laughing, saying, "Don't move! Stay! Your aunt needs to see the mess you have gotten yourself into!" He then called to me and I, of course, took my camera. The following is what we saw!


The main scene, with Isaac laying on the porch with his "chain" wrapped around a folded chair. Now this chair had been open and sitting on the porch just by the red can you can see on the right side of the picture with a letter or two in white. How he got it tangled, folded, etc. is still a mystery!


Another angle.


More of Isaac included.


Folded chair and plank almost completely of the walkway deck.


Loose and almost missing plank.


The chair.


Another shot of the chair. At one point while I was taking the pictures, Isaac got up, took a couple of steps, pulling the chair a bit higher on the steps.


Isaac, the innocent!


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