Mac and the Kitten

      Many years ago, we had this darling, but rather dumb dog named Mac (short for Macaroni and Cheese). He was loveable, but due to all the times he hit his head on the table he hid under when he was in trouble, we soon pronounced him "drain bamaged" - for those of you not familiar with my family's quirky terms, this means brain damaged, but not a true damage. As Mac grew, the table stayed the same height, but he didn't seem to realize this, so kept hitting his head on it. He was raised with cats and kittens, so he often watched them and even had his own kitten for a while. I believe he thought he was part feline.

      One summer afternoon, I caught Mac watching this kitten. We used a can of soup to prop our kitchen door open so it wouldn't blow shut with the fans on, and apparently this kitten saw this as a challenge to be met and defeated! Even though Mac is not in each photo, he stayed there, watching the entire time. I have often wondered what his reaction would have been if the kitten had fallen! Knowing that silly dog, he probably would have gone over to check it over and give it healing kisses!

Kitten Climbing on soup can with Mac watching.

This is hard work climbing so high on this big can.

Do you need some help?

Are you getting this amazing feat on film?


Now for the long climb down from here!

Now, what else can I do?

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