My 2012 Garden, May 2012

    This page has pictures of "my new garden" that is in front of my house. My brother Bill fixed it up, trying to remove the ferns that are lovely, but a huge annoyance. Last fall we got some Pampas Grass from a couple who was offering it through the Freecycle site for our county. Bill did all the work on planting them and we have been watching to see if they were going to survive the transplant. This week there are several green leaves coming up through the brown stalks. I can't wait until it is in full bloom!

    The first image is what the right side of the front of the porch looked like for the past several years, with the next ones showing what it looks like now.

R front of house

R front from back

This photo was shot coming up from the back of the house to show how the Hostas plants are spaced around the tree. This group was transplanted from the back yard from under a maple tree which we have to take down before it falls down!

R front of house

This photo is of the right side of the porch in the front of the house, showing the area with all the plants. The patches you see are of the seed imbedded rolls that hopefully will produce some lovely flowers in a few weeks.

R front of house

L front of house

This is the left front of the house with all the ferns for the past several years. The ferns hid the Naked Ladies lilies.

L front of house

This is the left front of the house with all the Naked Ladies plants scattered about, several were transplanted from the other side of the porch, so that the Hostas could spread out. You can see one small group of Pampas Grass near the porch and another large group just beyond the corner of the house. Again more seed imbedded patches are in the front.

rose bush south side

The two rose bushes we planted last year gave us a few blooms, but the bushes didn't survive the winter. We planted another one a couple of weeks ago. This bush is about four years old and the past two years has given me many beautiful blooms. I took this picture before I cut several to bring into the house!

rose south side

A close up of one of the gorgeous roses this lovely bush gives me!

bud south side

When we started painting the house about 3 years ago, we tried to dig up the climber rose bush that was near my beutiful rose bush. It hadn't bloomed since 2005 when we trimmed it in May instead of the previous fall. What we were able to dig up was transplanted in the back yard in front of the bridal wreath, where there was a similar climber bush when I was a teen-ager. We hadn't got all of the roots, and so there were several shoots that have come up for the past three years. This year we finally have buds coming out. The one next to the house only has this lone little bud, but I was so excited to see it!


This is a small photo of several of the buds on the bush in the backyard - the transplanted roots! Now we just have to train it onto the trellis!

black raspberry bushes

black raspberry bushes 2

Looks like we will have a good crop of black raspberries this year! Hopefully, enough for me to eat and also to freeze for this winter! The ones I froze two years ago were really luscious this past winter.

mystery plant

mystery plant 2

Bill had told me there was rhubarb growing just under the raspberry bushes - from a distance, I agreed and was very excited! However, in looking today, it is not rhubarb. Similar leaves, but the stalks come from one main stalk. The leaves are more pointed than rhubarb leaves, too. I did get one stalk from the neighbor's rhubarb plant, but someone stepped on the center of the plant and ruined all the other stalks. Might even have been the neighbor while mowing near it. But if anyone knows what this mystery plant is - that is, the name of the weed it is, please let me know!!


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