My Ornaments

    These are some of the ornaments I used to make. I would buy blank, or clear ornaments of various sizes after Christmas so that I could get them as cheap as possible. I then paint on them. I saved used light bulbs throughout the year, and then painted them at Christmas, too. One year, I learned how to make a simple clay with white bread (minus the crusts), and Elmer's glue. Using pea sized shapes, I made little roses, and leaves. They will harden by just letting them dry at room temperature. I then glued them onto ornaments and added ribbons.


These are very large, clear glass ornaments. Sorry, they are a bit blurry.


These are some of the lightbulbs, both sizes. I even wanted to put some of my rose buds on some, so painted them black and added glitter.


These are the clay roses - made from bread and white glue. I added acrylic paint to get the colors. The dark pink roses (actually a red) have one rose missing - that is the little clear spot you see.


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