My Oil Lamps

      Some shots of my oil lamps. One was my mom's, but I don't think it is "real" old, but is over 50 years. One of the others is about 43 years old. It was part of a pair that I got as a high school graduation gift. I remember my mom being upset that my aunt would give them to me as a gift, and for of all things a graduation gift, but I loved them and they started my love of oil lamps! The base used to be a dark green, but it flaked off over the years with washing it, so I finally washed the balance off. The other one was broken many years ago.

      The other lamps I also received as gifts from my oldest sons over the years until I told him I was running out of room to display them!

lamps 1A

The lamps are on top of our entertainment unit, and within the glass doors are most of my dolls.

lamps 2A

lamps 3A

Oldest lamp, notice different base to hold the chimney.

lamps 3

lamps 5

lamps 9

lamps 7       lamps 8

Close shot of details on two previous lamp pictures. One is an etched rose and the other has various scenes within the circular parts on the square sections.


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