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morning glories

      This is an area where I will display different personal photos taken by me. Some will be personal - of my family, others will be of the area I live in, neat scenes, or whatever. These are not for public use, they are all protected by international copyright laws and belong to me. Please respect these laws.

     Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie

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Isaac, 12 August 2011
Squirrel Feeder 2011
Baby Chicks
Easter 2010
Pop's Birthday 2010
Pop Playing Wii Christmas Day 2009
Christmas 2009
13 September 2009
September, 2009
Asher's First Birthday
Asher 8 months
Easter 2009
Asher, 3rd Month
Asher, 2nd Month
Asher, Our First Grandchild
Wedding of Timm and Emilie
Wedding, pg II

Family Kitties

Printer Watchers
Grandkitties, June 2008
Hands, March, 2008
Our Grand Kitties
Our Grand Kitties May 2007
Our Grand Kitties, February, 2008

Family Dogs

Grand Dogs 2008
Girl Friends
Veya and Her Puppies

Around the House

Flowers, June, 2013
Snow March 2013
My 2012 Garden Update August
Tree Damage, July 31, 2012
My 2012 Garden, May 2012
First Snow December 2010
My Ornaments
2009 Christmas Yard Decorations
Oil Lamps
Our Corn September 2008
Garage Cleaning
Roses & Peonies, June 2008
My Garden, May 2008
Roses 2007

Photos for PSP

Bricks, June 2008
Flowers, June 2008
Images for PSP
Rock River, March, _2008


Flowers at Jane's House
Lelio, June 2009
Grandkitties, Son and Snow
Rock River Above Flood Stage, June 2008
Corn Ball Sculpture
Motivators by Dan and Shannon
Miscellaneous 2006
Mac and the Kitten

Bob Reunions

3rd Annual Bob Reunion
5th Annual Bob Reunion

Snow & Ice

January 2010 Rock River
26 December 2009 Snow
25 February 2008 Snow
6 February2008 Snow
December 2007 Snow
Snow Pictures
12 October 2006
1 December 2006


Autumn on Parade 2006
East Peoria Festival of Lights 2006