Rock River Above Flood Stage, June 16, 2008

Please be patient - takes a bit to upload due to graphics - video clips.

    These pictures were taken on Monday, June 16th, at Park East in Oregon of the Rock River as it flowed over the dam. It was fascinating to watch the water.

    While we were there, a young family came up onto the deck and joined us. As they got close enough to really see the river, the little girl who was around 6, said, "Wow!" I turned and told her I thought the same thing!

    This was the first time I tried to take a video with my camera, even though I have had it since last September. At the end of the first clip, I had just been recording the water going over the dam and when I "finished", I take my finger off the button, thinking that the recording will stop! What you see was recorded while I am walking over to the end of the deck to see what had Danny all excited. As I get there, he explains about seeing all these fish, and since I can see them, too, I bring the camera up and hit the button - it stopped recording! LOL I didn't realize this until I viewed the clips on my laptop.

    I started it again to try to capture the small school of fish that were on the edge of the rough water, trying to get into the main stream. You have to look closely and mostly near the bank and the rock "steps" to see them. They were all large, looking to be from 2 to 2 and a half feet long. Too far away to see what kind they were, but if you turn your volume up, you can hear Dan and I talking about them. Those rock "steps" you see are huge flat rocks stacked into the bank to be like steps, but they are large enough to sit on and maybe even a couple of people could sit there. Not sure how one would get there, though!

    Here are some screen shots from the video to show you what the fish look like so you can find them in the clip. I still have problems finding the fish in it, but if I know where to look, it is easier to find them as the clip is running.

first sight of fish       2nd sight of fish       3rd sight of fish

    The following are the still shots I took of the river.







    Much appreciation to "Rollie" for all her help in coding for the video clips. Without her help you would not be able to view them.


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