Roses and Peonies, June 2008

    I have one peony bush in my backyard. I don't know who planted it, but I assume my mom did back in the late 1970s. The blooms are a very pale pink to be almost a white on some blooms. There are darker pink areas deep on some of the petals near the center. If peony bushes get "old" and their color fades, then this bush is probably from the 1940s or 1950s and was planted by my mom.

    I have been watching the buds on this bush for a few weeks, and comparing to how other bushes in town and the general area all were in full bloom. I couldn't figure out why mine weren't. Finally I realized the bush was not getting full sun in the morning. The neighbor behind us has a fir tree that is now the height of his garage, thus cutting down on the sunlight. With the rains and heat over the past several days, I forgot to check on it.

    Imagine my surprise when I went out after yesterday afternoon's rain and saw it loaded with blooms! Of course, due to the heavy rains, all were laying on the ground. I managed to prop one lovely large bloom up and take a picture of it before I cut several to bring in the house for bouquets. The following pictures are of that one bloom, and the rest are of one of the bouquets - various angles and various lighting. The lovely vase is one Danny gave me for Mother's Day - it really is a large goblet, but I told him it would be used more as a beautiful vase. He grinned and agreed with me.

    Click on the image on this page to go to the larger image. Either size are free for download. You can tube them, resize, colorize, brighten or what ever your little heart desires! Just enjoy and have fun with them.




    My little rose bush planted in 2006 at Easter continues to give me some lovely buds and then several blooms throughout the summer. These are the first ones for 2008. They are all of the same two roses, except for the ones of the buds (they are the same bud, just different angles), the ones that look more pink were taken outside before I cut them last night in the evening. The ones on the "wood" are of the slightly open bud from last evening, and to get a good image of it, I propped it between the boards of our little walkway deck! I think those turned out great and I love the shadow - again, late afternoon for taking the pictures.





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